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Tuesday, June 10, 2008 10:25 AM
I would like to regard today as an awesome,utterly copacetic day,
compared to these past few days.I find myself reveling in baby's pamper for me! :D
And I'm yearning for more ):

All the things that I yearned for,they came through right before my eyes.
I'm obliged to say that it's certainly heartwarming,regardless of the tiffs we had just now,
I just want you to know that I feel safe and secure,baby. (:

Love the jokes and you telling me what to do(BLEH,LOL).
when we're at yoshinoya,I literally ate what bee gave me lor!
eeyer! TT.
well,she couldn't finish it all,so I had to come and gobble them up,forced by her :P.
I opposed her a few times and she shot me with that intimidating look luh!
So I didn't dare to oppose her anymore,TT.
She's super scary if you make her angry :X.

And skittles finally meets piglet!
Damn cute lar! :X

Spending time with you like these,doesn't come by very often do they?
So I would really thank you so ever deeply,to the core of this colossal world.

And regarding the tiffs we had,here's my explanation:
I was resentful the moment I woke up.
I woke up at around 6am and started to ponder about what occurred yesterday.
Animosity,that's what I felt.
2 straight hours of it,heart wrenching.
But I decided that I shan't do anything that was hurtful,
So I bottled up my thoughts and gave you a happy greeting instead.

I admit,the tiffs that occurred today,I was puerile,chagrin and jealous.
But that's just my instinctive reaction isn't it?
To show you that I'm somehow worried and apprehensive about what you're doing.
I know that,that wasn't your intention,call me an ignoramus,oblivion,but still..haiz.

I can feel some heartache when you showed me that sms.
sigh,we know that something similar that happened a few months back,it can happen again.
I'm just scared,that's all I'm trying to convey to you.
Scared of losing you.
The perpetual despair I felt.sigh.
I was just painfully left in reticent when that happened.

so yeah.. :/
That's about it.
I'm not saying that you can't make any new guy friends,
But just don't overdo it.

Thus sums up my explanation.

I'm hoping that I can see you tomorrow TT.
sigh TT.

I miss you,I love you,I need you.
Do you too?

ps:pictures are gonna be uploaded tmr,although there aren't many of them.