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Tears are words which the heart cannot express
Thursday, June 19, 2008 1:24 PM
It's now precisely 4.24am.
I was suppose to call baby a few hours ago,
but I didn't, because she was talking to her friend instead.
Then I said that I'm going to bed,but I didn't.
I Stayed up just waiting for at least an sms.
But I soon slept without notice and eventually woke up at 4+,
frantically trying to find my phone just for that simple sms. 
But what an unavailing effort,I saw none.
I teared somehow,and I'm seriously on the verge of breaking down in no time.
Then might as well not tell me to call you,isn't it? 

Oh god,
Tears are cascading,
Just leave me painfully in reticent,
Cause the more I yearn for you,the more it's hurting.

How the hell is she now? 
I don't know,it's like we're becoming total strangers day by day.

How the hell am I going to react her when she sms me in the morning?
How the hell should I even feel right now?sad,neutral?
How long am I going withstand this,just how long? 

and to any passerby's or whoever is reading this,
I urge you not to say anything,please.
Because all I want is to cry in her shoulders,and just start anew.

sigh,bee..if you're reading this,
I just wanna say,i love you.
sigh,I'm just to chagrined to say all these in front of you.
I'm sorry if I'm not up to your standard anymore.
I'm sorry if I'm giving you the cold shoulders.
I'm sorry if my post hurted you.
I'm sorry.