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Monday, June 23, 2008 3:09 AM

I'm missing bee after looking these pictures.
sigh,just got a haircut,fucking suckish.I look like some kind of nerd right now.
sigh.anyways,meet bee today after a week of not seeing each other.
Sad,happy..ya these two.

sigh,I feel sad..till I feel like crying right now.
I dont know.
I feel so miserable,I just don't know why.
sigh.something's missing,I feel vehemently demoralized.
I don't know.there's something that I yearning for.
Her utmost attention and devotion maybe? sigh.
nvm about me.

It's time for what happened in school.
Yes,duh.. stupid hair check.
Teachers are really dumb,I mean really dumb.
They can't think coherently,seriously.
There's this guy's hair which was definitely not in standard,
his sides are covering his whole ear for goodness sake.
And still some people whose hair are way shorter than his,still get caught.
Doesn't it seems manifestly incoherent?
MOE/or whoever is in-charge of the blog patrolling community or what fucking shit,
If you're fucking seeing this,
So much for this democratic society,really.
If this was really a democratic society,
you should hear what we students implore,am i not right?.
At least fucking train your damn NIE trained teachers to check hairstyles with precision.
What's the problem with dying hair,having long hairs etc,etc?
Don't we all embrace narcissism?
Don't you as well?
What If you were to be in our shoes,bitches and bastards.

Arrest me or whatever,for all I care,there's many people who thinks similarly.
What stupendously stupid teachers you've trained..
I, for one, have an example if you want evidence.
Nevertheless,Go fuck yourselves.