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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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11th months,yay :DDDDDDDD
Thursday, July 31, 2008 5:43 AM
heh,I've found time to blog something worth blogging about today! :D
Today is our 11th months together baby! aww (:
Heh,Just wanna say everyday has been a memorable day just being together with you.
From little things like crying because I'm missing you very much,
which I'm missing you so much right now,to every dates we had together (:
love you very much lah baby~ ><.
sigh,I wish I could hug and kiss you right now D;

Apart from that,I shall blog about my whereabouts, 
and what have I been doing these past few days.
Well,nothing much of a difference though,just like typical teenagers life.
You go to school,study.
you go home,lucubration initiates instantly..either that or you get ready for cca.

But thankfully,it's rewarding and gratifying. 
I got highest for forces test!
and I scored well for E maths test too!

And we had rehearsals for national day demonstration.
very enervating indeed.We had to kick planks which are quite hard.. ._.''
Be sure to look forward for this,classmates. :P

Anyways,today's date is 310708,right?
I mistakenly wrote 310807 on several occasions :x
Hey!It was contradicting okay! :P
heh,talking about it makes me miss baby more and more D:


okays,I think that's all I would like to say.
I guess.Gotta study for E maths test and A maths test,rawr.
Tiring.sigh,Imy beeka TT.sigh.