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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Misery business.
Friday, July 18, 2008 7:59 PM
I'm back from an awful week.
4 days of perpetual fever and a day of nauseousness(which I literally vomited).

And I would like to comment few things that happened this week.

My class is starting to become rubik's cube fetishes.
One moment or two,I started seeing the chinese playing them.
Then the girls too,were influenced.

Yes,It's fucking nettling when you're sick and people starts being persistent,
asking you how to solve it when they already have the instructions to solve,
And on a more depressing note,when I was doing a chemistry test,
there were just too many people asking me answers,jesus. 
I could've vomited already,for goodness sake.
There's a god damn periodic table for reference,go use it la.

Results:I didn't do one question,I vomited after making my I.C.

And prior to the vomiting,
I've attained a perdurable,agonizing,excruciating and vehement headache.
But I'm okay now.

And Yeah,Another thing to highlight;while taking the star award.
When I bowed,I saw someone's face which literally resembled like a pig.
No,really.And then she starts commenting behind my back,so here's my riposte.
You think you're special,which I think you're not.

You think you walk like some kind of president or as if you're some distinguished person.
Well,you're not. I think you're trying to balance yourself 
because even the earth's gravitational pull isn't adequate for your weight,I'd reckon.

You're reveling yourself in hauteur,
no wonder you face starts becoming more and more like a ball.

But,need I care more?No,cause you're just acting big.
You're nothing.

knnb furlbog.
that's all,implies to ms tan.