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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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A vibrant but tardy yet a detailed post!
Friday, July 25, 2008 9:35 PM
See Those two running? :P
Mr tan conducting chemistry lesson D:
though it was a nonfulfillment..
What a typical malay class look like?

See! everyone's crazy abt rubik's cube ._.

Sadly,she looks away from the camera! >:(

Okay I'm here to update the blog!
Fret not,My enthusiasm to blog shall not dissipate! 
I promise that! :D
Haha,even with the forthcoming of the common test,
without an iota of doubt too :P.

Let's see what shall I blog about..
Well,this week's been a peaceful week for me,
I'm fairly distant away from those whom sit around me D:
I have to concentrate during lessons waddd ):

there was one time that majority of the class was playing rubik's cube during english lesson.
So unexpected. :S,
I think I mentioned in the previous post about wei eang asking me how to solve,didn't I?

hmm..I'm having my grading this sunday D:
damn,My whole body's utterly aching
I'm sensing that I'm in imminent danger of not getting a double promotion..sigh..

And oh yeah,I found out that my iMac can be used as a guitar amp!
Sounds awesome doesn't it? :P
muahaha,There's different types of effects to play with!

Then I remember there was a picture of beebee last year,that was.. 
Quite..a perfect shot D:
I wanted to upload it,but it turned out blurry instead TT.
Sigh,god dammit. ):
Never mind,I shall keep it and revel myself in saccharine-ness just by looking at it (:

*looks at her picture*
kyaaaaa ><
*melt melt melt*
*looks at it again*

hehe ><,I love my baby lah! :DDDD.
Sigh,and I miss you too )':
sigh TT.
11 months is coming,yay (:
awww ><.

I think I'll stop here :P
Enough of typing,I wanna go accompany baby!