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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Back to the past (:
Friday, August 29, 2008 11:31 PM
baby,i love my baby,I love my baby. :D
Hahah! All that I'm thinking now,is that,literally.
Yes,I miss her! D:
Rawr,time to blog,that's why I'm here! :D
heh,Yesterday's teacher's celebration was rather a,stultifying one.
I would like to comment on the guitar performance especially,since it concerns me the most.
Why have 3 guitarist playing the same thing when you can have just one.
More over,it's tiring to play 3 basic chords throughout the whole song,I mean VERY tiring.
sheesh,make the other two play duel guitar leads or something. 
Am I right? 
tsk. -_-.
Then after school,went straight to Park view.
Though it was a little bit unexpected to see no 6f peeps.
I only saw Jason and Jean,wtf ):
Then I saw Some springfielders who aren't from Park view last time,showing off? wtf.
Utterly redundant.
-.-,Makes me pissed off somehow.
tsk,but I met Cikgu zaleha and mdm ain! :D

They had the same reaction,"what happened to your hair,Riduan!?aiyoooo!"
hahah! :D.
Then it was time to go,so I went to meet baby! :D
hehe,awwww ><.
Went to simei and met her,had to wait for 18 chef's place to be less packed.
Waited so long ah,until we decided that we eat at hanis.

Then went to slack for a while.
Beebee started playing the rubik's cube,then I was trying to help her. 
She's cute when she's concentrating! (:
heh,you should see her facial expression too :P.

Then we made our way home and gave her the letter of apology for reading Jane's twilight book.
I promised her to write an apology letter what! heh,:x.

Then we went home and consulted sokkan.
It's quite a sucky thing to watch people fall,yeah,So I had to.

Then went to taekwondo training,
And thus the conclusion of my day.

Now I'm aching from the training and inter-class.
So I think my well-deserved rest is a "great timing" with the fasting month around the corner.
damn it.

Sutri and sokkan,you're linked. 

That's all.