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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Happy 1st year anniversary,baby. (':
Sunday, August 31, 2008 5:40 AM

Happy birthday to us,Happy birthday to us! :D
It's our one year together! :D
I'm glad that we've spent this day together,
I just cant stop smiling from the blissfulness we've had today (:
You leave me crying because of happiness,after reading all the love letters that you gave me(including the one you gave me today) (':
I must be the luckiest person ever to have ever found you.
You are my irreplaceable baby,My one and only (";
I love you manymany,so deep till there's no end,much till there's too much to count.

Solely dedicated to:463532<3.

I shall blog about what happened today.
I slept about 4.30am the and woke up about 
nearly 11am.
Ate and got ready to meet dearest :D.
Hehe,but when I reached, she just finished bathing,LOL. D:
Waited for about half an hour somewhere near her block.
Then she already made her way to the cc,so I had to run to catch up with her. *pantpant*.

Met her and she gave me a present ((((:
Afterwards we met may and made our way to city hall.
Took a picture of baby while she was playing the rubik's cub
e :x.
sorry hor beeka! LOL,you look so cute lah,had to post it! ><.
May was beside her too :P.

Then we made our way to city hall and went to raffles city,randomly roaming around.
lalala,gave beebee my present lor ><.
Was a little bit paiseh at first! D:
heh,she like it luh,awww ><.
We went to starbucks after the unavailing effort to find any ice-cream selling vendors.
Was so tempted to eat them,man! D:
Anyway,here are some pictures while we were looking for the ice-cream shops

"rules of being straight,blur though :/

Decent lighting ! :D

Afterwards,May went to meet her sister,So we were alone luh.
heh,went to sit down and watch those human race runners run.
And talk about "random" stuffs. :x
hehe,revealed the last part of my gift luh,wanted to give it to her in a more romantic way D:
but here is a picture  anyway; 


Then went to chatchat and made our way back home! :D

aww :D


That's all for now,bye! :D
I'm gonna bathe now,I stink D:<
p/s;I love you,baby<3.