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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Sorry for the not posting what was expected,phat! D:
Monday, August 18, 2008 5:21 AM
Instead of mocking at other people's usage of vocabulary,
I came to rant everything I feel about what happened to me today.
Well,Today was a peculiar and awkward day for me.
I don't think I can muster any bliss out of me,
My heart used to feel light before this happened.
I feel blissfulness overflowing in my heart perpetually.
Yeah,But now it's different,Sigh.
I start the day with weak heart and end the day with a shattered one.
Sad to say that I'm damn vulnerable,for a boy. 

I feel that my life has no purpose anymore, you see.
Sigh,Avidness just dissipate after one second.
Sadly I'm becoming a baby,crying while staring blankly into space,
and looking tremendously crestfallen in the morning.

Anyway,about today.
For the first period,
We had P.E,nothing much?
Just the old and mundane routine.
You run,and play whatever you want.
Instead,I purposely skipped P.E. >:D 
haha,but ended up playing soccer.

After that was A maths,
Learned about equation of a circle.
Nothing sophisticated,
Just applying pthy's theorem and a little bit brain. (:

Afterwards was English,
Mdm Zubaidah's finicky is just fucking redundant.
Sigh,what I like to call,"cerewet",in malay.
Results,somewhat expected it.
Sadly I didn't get all the points for summary.
But an attempt of being to use my own words was quite a successful one.
A total of 82 words with 9/15  points.
Not that bad,I would get all 15 points in less than 130,
but darn! D:

But many congratulations to Sutri for getting highest. (:

During chemistry,
I went to slumber mode,
and slept 3/4 of the lesson, or was it 1/4..I don't know.

After school,Went home with Syafiq sariman,Dion,Firdaus and Jin hui.
Tickles me.
All of us are from taekwondo ._.ll.

Then,walked with Dion and went back to the bus stop to make my way to simei.
Waited for dearest,eventually she came and we chatted.
I can somewhat feel the distance between us.
But I remained unconcerned about it and told myself to heed phat's advice.
There's many more I wanna rant about,but I can't muster any courage..

Maybe these songs will make you understand how I feel.
Waking the demon-Bullet for my valentine
Hearts burst into Fire, 
Say Goodnight,
Tears don't fall.

Yeap. :/
That's all.