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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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These kind of event don't come around that much,do they?
Thursday, August 28, 2008 4:49 AM
Culprit number:1,for smuggling the stuffs into class

3D :D
Me,khairul,fahmy and andi.

The culprit number:2, for smuggling Mac into our class
/Mastermind :P
The chairman,happily drinking her milo

Yes,what a day,it's worth blogging about it,so I'll start!(:
First,The black and white picture was taken yesterday
and yup,Wei kiat and Dion really bought them,LOL.
We were eating when mdm zubaidah came in.
And the consequences,lecturing during recess!
Afterwards,I accompanied Izhar to take his report book.
Then had A maths lesson after school.
It's definitely difficult to comprehend the damn trigo ratios shit.
but nevertheless,I shall "prevail" la eh! :P
LOL!!! (excuse my ecstatic mood today:x)

We had inter-class.
we won second,at least :D
woo~ :D
hehe! :D

Now on a more depressing note.Guess where it is,if you're curious.
There's still some injustice about what that prat said about me.
My reason for being angry and reticent:
He can say all those fucking insults at me,I don't care
But you could've defended me or something like that,right? 
never mind,I shall remain nonchalant and careless now,
You wouldn't know how discriminated I felt.
You just wouldn't.