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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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the end of ..
Tuesday, October 14, 2008 5:00 AM
Today's A maths paper finally concluded the whole examinations for 2008!
No more flooding your table with papers filled with words,wooo!
No more studying!
Wahahahah,Now I have time to play the guitar and randomly shred stupid and whatever shit riffs i can come out with

At least for now..there's still N and O level,fuck.
Heh,I shall update just about everything that happened during the period when I was M.I.A!
My future tattoo,I wish.  ):

Beebee's New moon book (:,hope you like it!
in a daze while cooking. x_X,lol.

while barbecuing the food.
Beebee,the cook! she cooked for me! yay :P
So much for my attempt at cooking,nvm,cooking is a skill that I shall hone myself, ll-_-.
Noodle that bee made for me! :D

Me and bee went to seoul garden last friday if I'm not wrong.
Yea,had fun laughing at her seeing the scooped choc chip ice-cream flew to the tub of strawberry ones,LOL.
Bee~,Just wanted you to know that,
It's not the end of the world just because of your results okay? ):
Seeing you sad makes me feel like a total failure lahhh T_T.
Hais. ):
Don't drop any subjects,especially A maths and physics ):
sigh T_T.
Though I favour those two and you don't ):
sigh,forget about what I say luh ):
haiz TT.

Haha, I'm pretty hyperactive,gar.
I'm anxious for my results~ 
Damn it.
I'm sensing some unfortunate series of events that are lining up for me,
or maybe the other way round.
I'm guessing that I'm gonna fail SS and malay,zzz.
I don't know.

The ss paper is such a fucking son of a bitch.
2 SEQs is just..pathetic man >.>
I'm hoping for a pass,please make my yearnings come true T-T.

Malay paper was like a walk into oblivion.
wtf man.I was having this 'cavalier' kind of attitude about the paper the day before though.

E maths is manageable,I think.. 
Damn,paper2 made me think hard,especially the last question.
the Tangent from the external point had the same length,and thus,it's an isosceles triangle. (:

Sigh, I don't know~ 
I'm becoming more mentally deranged X_x.

Guess I'll end the post here.
I'll just crap more and more with each sentence anyway.