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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Friday, November 14, 2008 9:00 PM
Random one but oh well:

I grow nervous when I think I foresee something that's bad is gonna happen.

I bite my skins near my nail instead of my nails when I'm nervous,
That's why you see bitten skins there.

I keep things from if they are indirectly or directly hurtful/sad/dismal to me,
So I refuse to say any words when I get moody.

I feel like a loser when I see my Someone cries.

I love silence sometimes.

I love the pleasure of chocolates(except for dark ones) when it enters my mouth. 

I listen to lyrics of musics and try to interpret what are they singing about.
and not to mention guitars too.

I take things 70% of the time indolently and 30% seriously.
and 30% might just happen if I quarrel with my someone.

I snigger at something small and laugh when it's something extremely hilarious.

I fail at joking things.
So don't count me on joking when you're down,seriously,I'm a sour grape.

I have the tendency to get excited when it comes to guitar.

I'm a repetitive guy.
I say same things over and over.

I am rebellious when you piss me off.

I do drown myself in sorrow,occasionally.
And maybe for nothing.

I keep anything that's valuable in a the cookie empire plastic.
That includes any wrappers and misc. stuffs that we share.

I like people's warmer part of them,the most.

I have an insatiable hunger for red stuffs..
Not to mention black and blue and white.

Last and not least,I love everything about Imelda.
She's the only one that I love,unconditionally.
Whether she think I'm weird or A retard from metta or a lumpenproletariat.

I Don't care what anyone thinks of me.

I can't think that much right now.
So I'll update this every time I get one.

Enjoy The new paramore song,decode! From twilight OST! Woo~
Hayley's hair is awesome. ):

Btw this was How soo looks like in p6.LOL.