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Thursday, December 4, 2008 2:23 AM
The 4th of december ,2008.

I really find the way springfield secondary sets up their policies for students entering the campus,appalling.
For just a mere purchasing of books students have to wear uniform while parents and other people can go in just like that..what a bitch the principle is.

Anyways,as luck would have it,the books weren't that heavy and cost a mere 40.10 bucks,rather than the usual 200+ bucks,without actually utilizing some of the books.

Then we went to buy stupid school stuffs.

I got my dickies bag,yay.
My D string snapped,what a bitch.
I ate korean food,yay.
My mother tongue is still not making any progression,sucks.
Bee's comp is somehow suck-ish ): 
I miss her saccharine kisses and whip-cream embraces~ 

And then the wait for my pay is too long,honestly! >.>