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Tuesday, March 24, 2009 2:10 AM
Ah,such nostalgia is such a pleasant reminiscence of the past. Sometimes I always wish the whole gang of boys could just stay together as best friends and not be carried away with some folly company. It's excruciating to the see how they have become,the way they demonstrate juvenile delinquency acts,and some times recalcitrant acts too. It's as though they're trying to prove who's god wields all the power or something. Sigh. One by one,they left,which each departure,hopes are diminished. Now there's just some bloody non-mutual friendship hanging. 

I miss these quotes.

"ah eh ah"
"Your mama"
"ka nin-na~"
"Na bei~" 
"okay cantik,*thumbs up*"

Many more,though majority of this is from someone who looks like,what you guys would define him upon seeing him, "bad-boy". However,he's not. 'cause people don't bother to look what's good in people,they only give precedence for bad stuffs,
how lame can this society get anyway? 

It's our curse that makes this world hopeless,in this context at least.