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Tomorrow :S
Friday, August 21, 2009 5:47 AM
Okay,it seems like today is tomorrow,even though it's two days ago?
So,yesterday,me and a few of my classmates went to seoul garden to commemorate the end of the preliminaries. yay. Fucking fasting month is about to come,it's as though you're being condemned and deemed as lucifer if you ate something in day,damn.

But something funny always surfaces from some girls during this point time.
They somehow gloat to guys with their bloody menses excuses if they already had theirs like early in the month and still use it again during the process,funny how menstruation occurs twice in a month.
Shouldn't you moan in pain when your bloody menstruation hurt when tons of putrid smelling blood comes out of your damn hole instead of laughing?

I'd be fucking cumming all the semen out and still use the same excuse,but why should I anyway?

In retrospect,The way things have revolutionize in this context,is probably a joke.

Sadly,this is only from a perspective,there's still more.