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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Laugh for gags
Wednesday, November 11, 2009 8:45 AM
Random picture whilst sitting and lazing around with jane and welson

Welson's expressions are indeed priceless.
Group shots at vivo! Dion: "wait wait....ok!"

Alright,Most of the pictures are in facebook,so Yeah,these are just some handpicked ones.
Heh.So we went to sentosa to slack and play,ahhh. Many gags were being told and had occurred. Ones that I like were,Dion swinging around the handrail singing "come closer" by neyo. Hell lot of an adventure,from watching a documentary which everyone was pissed off at,to watching Micheal jackson's This is it.

Though There was one phrase that I was struck by."Now we are not known by the things we do,but we are known by the things we own". That phrase was the very thing to vouch my endless hatred for the way society has shaped. In primary school last time,people will somehow be with the richer people as though their lives revolves around it,I bet it's the same context in work place today.

Then there was once my friend told me of,her father being biased and all that stuff,I think Parents who are so particular about just school results,status of the school,etc etc,are ignoramuses that needs to be slapped in the face like 50 fucking times. These are textbook knowledge that we don't really apply in life yet,they're just some general knowledge so that we'll not be half dead ignoramus of the world. The only thing that really applies stuff when it's at a tertiary level man,so chill the fuck up and stop being smart asses and act like you are all that.

I guess these are the everyday bullshit that people go through that makes them what they are today, selfishness pretty much. You could play Dota with singaporeans and notice that perhaps 80% of the people are just up for the kills in those Public games on battlenet/garena.