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Oh well..
Monday, November 30, 2009 10:18 AM
I was scanning through some facebook pictures and stuffs,though I didn't get the chance to say these things last time,guess I'll really say it now. It's unquestionably hilarious to see guys wearing blazers and girls putting on light make ups and wearing dress for their prom.
But simultaneously it's really sad we don't get this kind of thing.

My god,look at how they blossom in only one day! Me,"thong" khee and dion were already laughing at someone whose oversized in our workplace just now,the way she dressed and the display of attitude is really.. horrendous. She ordered the chicken chop like 5-10 times and just eat it on her own,Oh my gawd.

As a whole,you can really see we singaporeans are really pigs,like literally.
messy yet disturbingly,alarmingly and awfully greedy.
So to say,they bite off more than they can chew,Hence wasting food.