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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Within struggle,amidst horror
Saturday, November 14, 2009 8:25 PM
Wooo,trivium's actually playing..
torn between scylla and charybdis in their setlist for their most recent tours!

So anyway,I got a day off today,yay. While wei kiat has to replace over tk.
Hahahaha,No korean girl today,buddy. :P.
I'd like to highlight some subtle stuff that became obvious over the course of a few weeks working?
When I'm giving the food that they're ordering,
they're like unsure of what they ordered. Seems a little bit absurd,isn't?
But it's like 90% of the time this thing happens, So it's super absurd.
Anyway fuck them, Stupid idiotic uncertain bastard/bitches.

Internet's been lagging tenfold lately,ahhhh. Fuck _l_. Bla bla..
Naruto has no episode this week so it's pretty boring,
but there's gonna an hour special to compensate,oh well. どうもありがとう!

Heh. Then what..hmmm..I'm learning(really learning,verb&knowledge wise) music theory here and there,It's a plus that I have a better comprehension of things now,which means I'm smarter than my past self,hah,serve you right,bitch!

OH YA,hahahah! Tong khee saw the history pictures thing!
LOL,his face went red somehow! ahhahahaha,omg me and soon liang showed him the most embarrassing picture after work yesterday.

Please note that any implications are not meant for mockery,so yes. Don't blame me for anything!