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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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End of my serviceeee
Thursday, December 17, 2009 12:08 AM
I finally quitted my job,now I can have my rest!
At last,there's no collecting plates,
& a guaranteed laid-back life for at least few more weeks or months,if I ever went to ITE.
I'm missing Don,Jun liang,Mary,Andy,Say hong,Douglas,Rainey,Mr Wong and many more of my friends at work! Thanks for making the job more colorful than it was,I've made jokes that I don't even realize I had the capabilities to do so and it's all because of them.

So now I'll go to the socio-political stuffs,muahahah.
People taking pictures with confectionaries,smiling for the camera(These are girls btw),
they revel in their delightful world whilst being absolutely oblivion that they aren't aware of they're table manners/Eating etiquette. I admit I do not have a good standard of eating habits,but I do keep it subtle unlike these sons and daughter of pigs who makes theirs totally obvious. Please do not put on make ups and go to buffet restaurant and act like you're some hot princess,because you're just a pig.

Another thing I would like to say is,Singaporeans perhaps are likely to die in a war,
because of.. Indecisiveness. Yes,me and you.
Picture the situation in some restaurant scene,when you're serving food from teppanyaki and serving food to their table,then when you walked upon their table,they'll be like,"Eh,xue de?".

Alright Imagine scenario two,When there's no more salmon fish left to cook and there's still some order and would like to request if they like to change their order,you go to their table and ask. "The salmon fish has finished,would like some other order?", their reply.. ".....urrrrhhhhh".
*few minutes later with some suggestions*,"okay..*unsure still but oh well*"

Now use these inference;confused,indecisive etc etc.. and imagine a war like situation.
I bet you,we're getting our asses pwned like every second and I can forsee that I'll feel so fucked up and ashamed to even be the asshole getting our asses kicked at even though we have our so called "good"/whatever,Army.What the fuck!

& oh one more thing,singaporeans,
why are we so over zealous with stuffs that has nothing to do with us?
It's okay to be zealous,but cut the damn excessiveness,assholes.

The way they eat,there's only one phrase that I made up that can quite explain stuff.
"it's like ejaculation,but in numbers".