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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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The Jollification,the Calamity,the verdict.
Wednesday, December 9, 2009 3:09 AM
Yesterday was outing with cliques,while bee went for job hunting.
Then halfway,the organizer of the outing went separate ways with us,leaving us questioning/frustrated. We took pictures at the shaw house(I think?) lol.
Then we went near cineleisure and took pictures,laughed and laughed.
Slacked the coffee house thing.

We laughed about a particular class "conspiracy",a hilarious "conspiracy" though.
Simultaneously,Darren and I laughed because of the rewind thingy in prince of persia. Rofl, everytime I died,*rewinds and laugh*. hahaha :D

After that Tong khee and Tara called and everyone was trying to trick them,lmao.
Train-ed to T1 and slacked and ate kfc,Home sweet home.

By the by,don't forget! 29th december another outing! I guess I'll be the organizer thing now since tk doesn't want to organize things anymore!

  1. Marina square arcade;to take wei kiat's cheque and play to wait while they ate.
  2. Shaw house
  3. coffee house
  4. T1 balcony.
Welson's face is cute! hahaha
T1 balcony,playing tekken 6!
Sleeves fold,matt heafy style.
Hao pen yuo! :D

engrossed in it,me and darren! :P
cliques! :D
The gossiping moments

Shaw house.

looks like dion turned into cookie monster
cliques again