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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Friend's went a bit tipsy..new year.
Friday, January 1, 2010 12:03 AM
Okay.. Yesterday night was quite a queer night.
So I met martin,an old friend. Then we chatted for a while and then went to Bedok for a while to see some of my old friends,Taufik and marcus. When we got there,Taufik was already 1/4 of the step to being drunk.His face red,and he felt sleepy.

Me and martin were like..ookkkkkayyy. 'cos We didn't really know what to do with him and our plan got ruined somehow,wanted to have a long chat but ended up seeing him like this,quite a funny sight? lol.

Then we made our way to marcus' house and played taiteee,I learned how to play poker!
However,a money related game. I wanted to play but I decided not. Fireworks afterwards.

Then took pictures and then went home.

I think all those girls who went to the countdown,pretty much got exploited by those
sick-minded bangladeshi people. Which is kind of sad. They could just hook up with some girls at chinatown or whatever.If they had aids they would only die and could not have sex,that's all to it. But whatever.

Oh yeah,before that I took my specs. While waiting for the specs, I went to times bookshop(Heaven!), I saw the things that are seemingly tempting to buy.
That japanese dictionary,World of warcraft novel and some pokemon adventures comic.
Fucking hell,these are my childhood stuffs and it just keeps getting better now that I don't get tired of books easily. I love how I find myself reveling in storyline like these,I could read for hours!



p/s. My hair is like some 10 year old kid that just knew what fashion is,damn.