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Wednesday, January 27, 2010 6:28 AM
So today was a same old typical,boring school day.
We had maths,which meant free period for me. I've been trying to read my World of warcraft storybook that I bought a few weeks back,but people sure are persistent in asking me whether the content is intriguing or not.
My replies during the first week was;
"not bad if you know how to play and the story of warcraft 3".

Then it got plain irritating as people keep asking the repetitive question,wow assholes!
Then today,I replied purposefully gave a quite blatant and cold reply;
"It would be exciting to read,if you didn't asked the question" ;
indirectly Im pretty much asking you to fuck off, however I'm pretty lenient.
Hence,am irrefutably sorry if it affected to the guy who got that reply.

Then after school was gym,since it was a wednesday.
In the midst of working out,the teacher in charge of 태권도 and english HOD, called us, cause tomorrow there's this interview by I dunno who.

Minutes into discussion,the bitch was already spouting stupid deceitful lies and when we gave any negative comments about the question she spout back things purely consist of bullshits. How can there not be any flaws in anything,I ask of you. The way she talked was totally ludicrous, such that she wants to place too much emphasis of stupid school values that has been a cliche to the fucking students in singapore and also see the way she speak,"please speak proper english to make springfield look good" I'm NOT asking for replies such as "ya lor,wth! or wah liao this kind of teacher!" but rather think about how she say it,it's coming out from the lips of a deceit. Then she kept complaining that Dion and tong khee was conversing in mandarine when the HOD is already chinese,and the hair issue. All in the benefit of springfield secondary,wow asshole.

a born hypocrite who vituperates others carelessly; the worst qualities you can find agglomerated in a poor excuse of a person.

I think this fits the bitch there and not to mention the form teacher and assistant form teacher.
If you're reading,then I'm reveling,because I feel good that my words got to you and that not only me support the statement stated above.

I think I'll go say what I really feel,
as there wouldn't be any faux pas rather that memorizing bullshit.

I'm sorry if I am a bit lugubrious like every single time I blog,but this is purely venting.
Propaganda,lies,deceits et cetera are not acceptable in my book of life or whatever you call it.

意地悪あま!ijiwaru ama!