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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010 9:26 AM

I always love parts when the author draws every single character and have the quote bubbles something very valorous,my mind will always play this repeated songs that appear in the anime,which is super incredible. I've been watching anime for four years and never really regretted watching them.

Anyways,so today had a talk with her. I hope you know what we all mean.
I won't delete that particular post,I hope what you said etched into your mind.

Met bee today,was wow. The way she dressed was, ':S'. Not that I have any problems with it,but it definitely shows how much she's matured? However,I still think girls are small girls,so it doesn't change anything. & she looks cute in taekwondo gi? rofl!

Oh yeah,I remembered one thing on friday,when we ( me,darren and welson) went to tampines to accompany buy my world of warcraft novel and japanese-english dictionary,thanks btw!
Anyway,I wanted to draw money from the atm near the inter, then I noticed why isn't anybody lining up at an atm,then we went there and some considerate lady told us that it was "spoiled',but ended up unable to dispense cash.

So we took advantage of it and literally fooled people,we went and I put my card in it,then..
there were people lining up,roflmao. Darren pretended to take the money after I pressed cancel and took my atm card out. Went off,laughed our ass off. The funnier part was people fell for it,LOL. Omg,the hysteria.