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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Friday, January 15, 2010 9:33 AM
I'm just so mentally and physically tired,yet problems and problems are keeping me from sleeping. What assholes. First of all I would like to highlight a thing that occurred to me, a very ridiculous thing,absurd in other words. There's this girl whom I cannot believe I bought a cake for her last december and she still persist in irritating the fuck out of me instead of being a well mannered a bit appreciative girl, So I decided to have an eye for an eye. Guess what? Her self-righteousness came showing up like how she does it to other people, I have all the evidence I need. So anyway,she was like giving this 'whatever' look every time our eyes crossed,which is so infantile of you.

If you're so embarrassed to admit that you in fact attempted to touch me while I'm eating with your wet hands or whatever in the canteen/irritate/bla bla bla etcetera,let me tell you one thing: You are one fucker that needs to get some thunderbolt from mewtwo and have your hp down to zero with the word owned in your face,asshole. You started,you fucking end this,you asshole,that is why I went to you and do what you always to,you irritating mosquito. & not only me feel this way,I'm sure some of our cliques feel this way too. So stop pampering yourself with such sorrow and posting and wait for someone to pity you, if you say you're a fucking burden,then don't fucking be one.

Stop being egoistic and megalomaniac,doesn't mean you're a girl you're all that. It's disgusting and unnecessary.

I've said all I wanted,flame me if you want,if you ever see this.
This is what reality is,ignoramus.