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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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On a saturday morning.
Friday, February 12, 2010 6:03 PM
Time: 10:08
Ah,I just woke up with the intention to study but that can be pushed back to later,after I blogged or something.

So anyway,yesterday was the celebration of our old friend,bennicker. Though it was nothing much at ikea,since it's the often place we go to,I somehow always love the trip with the cliques :D. Hmm,before that was playing marvel vs capcom at Dion's house on his PS2.
& I got to play with his cute dog,Super adorable!

Ah,the beautiful reminiscences of when I was a kid,always playing video game at a friends house every saturday,I wanna play games and games and games. Argh!

Also,while we were at ikea,we played scissors,paper,stone and the loser had to drink like random mixed drink,ugh. I thought I was gonna fucking die drinking that purely carbonated water,I thought it had some coke test since it was a bit brown-ish coke colour.

Then it was birthday bash,wahahah. I laughed at myself while we were having a part 2 bashing in the lift! I looked...senile. >.>,

And then took pictures,which will be at facebook by today,because of Tara's laziness.
I think she'll upload the videos,watch my stupidity there. Afterwards,Dion and Tk took off.

Yeah,spend the evening taking pictures,"launching my slipper" towards Jane(super awesome),
talked with bennicker,talked with the usuals,hah.

Ate dinner bla bla bla,then went home! hah.

Tuesday,another outing for cliques,eating that place where has the free flow of ice cream and drinks! :D