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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010 5:22 AM
From geeks to some normal people,back and forth.
Ahhh,I miss that stupid girl ):
*sigh!*,Anyway today,taekwondo,school. Oh wait,school then taekwondo.

School was nothing much except that I'm super lethargic,Fucking hell.
Mrs yoong persistence was like fucking lot and my motivation was like super diminished due to the tiredness,at least it was CME. So I got up and read this month's issue of reader's digest.
Learnt quite a few words that's pertaining to food(awesome)!

Then during english,I was doing some comprehension and then I suddenly sang the Tarzan song to tong khee,which is super hysterical,I swear I could laugh like a hyena as it did to Fahmy,my god!

Then it was taekwondo,I have to do two patterns that seems foreign to me,but what the hell,let's just do it. >.>,demonstration items,et cetera.

Now,here comes the miscellaneous stuffs, Hmmm.. not trying to definitely/indefinitely offend any party but I thought that the girl who started the whole "press the flamethrower"/hypocritical bullshit,was none other then that girl & should be ashamed of herself for thinking otherwise; as she herself started the fight via her own blog.

I Think buying red bag,doesn't mean a thing,that means zilch. Not on fucking purpose,even if it is so,someone already changed her(the innocent third party) bag. Singing the tarzan song has nothing to do with you,so get the fuck out of the situation and do not cause even minor calamities because it very well affects everyone of us,subtly.

This whole statement's purpose is to get you to fucking wake up from your fucking fantasy,
and start realizing that it was none of his god damn problem,and that this,is your own problem.
He is gone,start moving on.