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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Get outtt,you stupid virusss.
Saturday, April 10, 2010 2:12 AM
I'm 80% recovered at the very moment. Just left with some very irritating flu that fucking hurt my rear mouth thing if I were to control my sneezes.

Ugh,grading is tomorrowww and I'm a blue belt. Like woah + yay!~.
-_____- + :D:D:D.

So anyway here are some childish stuffs that's only for welson or some pokemon freak that stumbles upon my blog.
because.. the 5th generation pokemon is gonna black and white version!
It's gonna be on nintendo DS,which is good,let's hope it stays that way! :D.


Some translationnnns:
ポケットモンスター(po ke to mo nn su ta) or pocket monsters(pokemon).
ブラッケ (bu ra kk ke) or black.
ホワイト(ho a i to) or white.
:S. then the dates are some characters I don't understand. Awtaz.

And One more thing! I love you beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
Love you love you love you!!
miss you miss you miss you!