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Needless to say.
Friday, April 23, 2010 4:42 AM
For us school only began today. Needless to say it was exceptionally boring half the time. The principal's speeches are superb natural sleeping pills guaranteed to suspend your consciousness without fail. It's the sole judicious explanation I am able to provide for everyone's apparent torpor during today's assembly. The whole hall was absolutely still. It was an amusive phenomenon to ponder over and one I came to be cognizant of only just.
For the win!

How I wish I could muster everything from my capabilities,and come up with such marvelous blog entry and that the description of today's assembly from this text is so bloody precise to the aforementioned assembly.

I think that the morning assembly was extremely nonsense. Talking about personal experiences perhaps is not the best way to convey a point. Yeah sure you're reveling in your past,but for some reason it does not spark, to perhaps majority of the pupils,they way you pictured it in your mind.

Today was quite an enervating day due to the 2.4 km run we had in the morning.
Fortunately for us,we were able to listen to our mp3s whilst running and I think it gave some people like me, some solid motivation or whatever it is. Yes pumping beats from God or war 3 OST,Ring ding dong,just to name a few.

However upon reflecting stuffs,I think I'm just some jack of all trades and a master of none. Yeah sure I'm into a lot of stuffs,but what really sucks is that I'm really not good in anything.
& yes,this is a personal thing so forget about what's here!

Sigh. Life sucks with all these circumstances.
I feel as though I'm atlas holding the weight of the world in my shoulders,or rather my world.