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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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4.52 am in the morning.
Thursday, June 10, 2010 1:52 PM
wow,I woke up pretty early. Nah,it's just that I can't sleep due to,perhaps the bed bugs or whatever that bit my legs. They were super itchy till now.
Anyway,since I have the time to blog,why not blog now? hah.

I just got off from Tkd camp and it was pretty awesome.
Before that was physics and after that was fun all the way. Everyone in the room was like blasting off musics and all which was a bit annoying. It was rather more like a noise that music.
Briefings and blah,then finally east coast park.

That was my favorite part,flips and flips and more flips.
Many thanks to jin hui and Dion for the assist.

At night was pretty scandalous,while celebrating the june birthdays,suddenly mr lim asked michelle to sit beside tk,and we were like WTFLOL.
Snapped tons of pictures. Congrats to the couple. hahahah xD.
Then aerobics and lastly night walk,which lasted super long.

Hah,had fun scaring and discussing about we should scare those juniors.
I remember that we were actually scared to go in the classrooms ourselves.
The ambiance was freakishly scary,pitch dark and the idea of 'ghost',just go hand in hand.
However it got fun when more people joined.

I think those who was with me and tk had the most fun. Shan't go into details.

It lasted till about 2?Was a bit tired by then. Washed up,thinking of going caltex but they locked the big sliding gate. So mac delivery was our alternative. Ate and slept.

Woke up about 7.30 and everyone felt like shit.
Went back because we had geog or some other important stuffs to attend to.
Met my dearest,Knocked out at night,missing my kdrama ):

Bought my cotton on shirt and strings with bee.
One of the highlights were;
*whilst looking her reflection*
I gave some comment
*she said:what! at least I'm concerned(or smth),okay! *jumps a bit*

I'm ending the post here.
And yeah,I have something to say before I go.
We all laughed. At how you tied your hair and the spectacles you wear,then taking them off afterwards.I thought you were a just meager existence but you never fail to amuse me and them indefinitely.

Lmao. & if you're reading this,what the fuck? I thought I asked you to get out of my life man.