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Tuesday, June 15, 2010 10:45 AM

Okay,I've not been blogging due do the 'hectic' schedule,which I must attend to in due time.
So anyway,I recently watched a game walkthrough which is assassin's creed 2. I was pretty much blown away by the gameplay just because it was compelling. The story-line was awesome,and you can somehow related modern-day conspiracies with these,from my perspective anyway.

Observing fragments of your ancestor's past,is a tad cool. Yes,with using it correctly or for good.
However it's the quite the contrary in the story,there's this group called 'templars' who are trying to find descendants of a faction called the 'assassins',so that they could locate treasures called 'pieces of eden' via the 'animus',from your ancestors past with your DNA shit that they did(I know you can't comprehend,whoever you are,you have to watch it!!)

Hmm,the ending of assassin's creed 1 was quite the hair raising experience.
With the previous 16 test subject or experiments leaving behind clues,such as the codes you can learn from reading 'digital fortress',symbolism,etc.

Likewise for assassin's creed 2.
One word,or a few words rather;interesting/phenomenal/breathtaking.


"we are all books containing thousands of pages and within each of them lies,
an irreparable truth".

I'm pretty sad I don't comprehend most of the chinese characters though,D: .
That's all.