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Sunday, October 10, 2010 7:58 AM
Approximately 12 days to the dreaded O's. This is the real showdown,HELP HELP HELP HELP. Yes,it decides our future depending on how exquisite your slip will be, thus the apprehensive expression. I really hope to attain enough distinctions/points just to get into that Music and Technology course which is in Singapore Polytechnic. Yes,I know,it's all to the extreme other end of the MRT line from where I live. I wouldn't mind doing so,because I wouldn't be complaining at how horrendous my course's experience is going to be(Hopefully).

Today's Sunday. I basically took my own sweet time to do whatever I wanted and it was "hell-of-a-blast". Needless to say it was exceptionally boring 90% of the time as it was spent on looking up on the updates on jailbreak. Well,I do not want to go into that because it can really get overboard. Especially how every demonstrator in the every tutorial are able to do it so successfully while you are always rebooting back into the original 4.1 firmware. It's quite an ironic yet amusive phenomenon to ponder over and one I came to be cognizant of only just.

The other 10% was quite incidental. It was about Japan from this Danish's perspective. Which I think it is quite an informative point of view. Yes,in youtube. I wholly respect with what he is trying to do; breaking the ignorance cycle of your perception about Japan. Whatever,anyway.. Generally you're always informed about the positive things.. Government went to this and visited that,yada yada.. it was never their negative side,always painting positive pictures. However,thanks to you guys who provide us with education, we're not as ignorant as you think.

Anyway,going back to the topic: Japan's flaws. Yes,racism do exist in Japan,obviously the victim here are foreigners; they have restrictions,to be honest. Summarizing everything after watching the videos, I feel that it definitely balances between the bad with the good.Every time,I am informed that Japan is a wonderful place.. yeah,to a certain extent.

However,ever heard that in Japan,outstandingly in Tokyo, Sex is an acceptable social norm? Or at least the girls there are either shy to voice out or just okay with it. Not to mention that.. yes.. we all have to accept that EVERY guy is a pervert to a certain extent. Don't lie,our balls just can't stand being without girls. Anyway, guys are rubbing their crotches onto girls' butt whilst in cramped train ridess. It's really unorthodox. Yeah,that's one of the outstanding problems at there. There's many more though,but I do not want to make this entry extremely lengthy.

It's a pity to see pretty school girls being exploited then paid. Makes them seems as though they're cheap,don't you agree?Not to contradict but I love Japan myself,but with this pervert plague that's growing in them,is.. morbidly depressing. Not knowing to draw a line between what is right and wrong makes you look like a lumpenproletariat being indulged in sexual fantasies,
to be honest.. I mean come on,jacking off in front of child pornography.. They should be at least jacking off at fully developed females than that.. (=.=)!!!

Anyway,alas,I will be ending my post here. Perhaps I would try to post another entry tomorrow.