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Getting it of my chest.
Monday, October 11, 2010 7:49 AM
One of the seven deadly sins I would like to talk about is: Pride. As per my perspective, I have thus came up with this math equation.


Since pride is somewhat proportionate to arrogance.
Subbing Y=Arrogance and X=Pride where K is a random constant.

Thus far we have Arrogance = (K) Pride.

I pretty much can relate this to this specific guy in my class,well,at least he treats me like I'm nothing much,but whatever. Yes,so he has shown how much arrogance he has. Pardon me for not enumerating it,because it all amounts to endless lists of it which I wouldn't spend my time doing it. Then there was this one time where he scored distinction for math,then his arrogance knew no boundaries.

Yes,by subbing ∞=K
We have Arrogance = ∞ Pride,
Thus, infinite arrogance. Which is what he only has,for the very least,academic perspective.

Oh,there's one more incident during the following day of my birthday. Sadly,today's teens perceive that birthday bash are only hellbent on beating the Birthday-Boy to pulp. However the true meaning of it was basically birthday celebration,which leaves me perplexed so as to ponder,do you understand english?

Anyway,So I kicked him in the crotch due to reflexes. He "moaned", but the hilarious part was that nobody cared. Yes,I would like stick to the belief that I lightly tapped on his crotch. However if I literally did that,then you should at least try to endure the pain.

Don't take it out on me when everyone left you,lol.

Thus we have another equation; IMAGE = pride.
Which means that you're basically lying. You somehow wanted attention. You're a liar.
Yes,you fell the moment I "kicked" because you thought everyone might fall for your blatant acting. However you failed, you tried take it out on me and make it seem that it was my fault the first place.

Saying that I literally kicked you in the crotch,and it really hurts. Still,you are assumed that by doing such,you are doing it at your own risks.

Thus, Faults are yours. Not mine.

How did you like it when your favorite subject went against you,you donkey?

That's all for today's entry!