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Flip mino HD review.
Wednesday, January 5, 2011 9:26 PM

OKAY,let's begin with this cool camcorder;IT DOESN'T TAKES PICTURES I'M AFRAID.
Now I found out about this camera not that long ago,while I as desperately wanting to improve my video quality on youtube. Hence,I decided to search on google and stumbled upon this forum,the guys sells the camera at 150 SG$ ,while it retails at 285(i think) SG$, saved about 135$. Woot

Anyway,that's just how I stumbled upon the camera. Let's see the specs..
Specs,it comes in 4gb( 1 hour recording time) or 8gb( 2 hour recording time) built in flash memory.I think the 8gb model only comes in black if I remembered correctly.
It records in mp4 format, h.264 ,AAC stereo audio,HD 720p (1280x720) at 50fps.
Yes,this records in HD 720p.

Okay,so the quality on the camera is fairly good when in the day,but there's a lot of video noise when it's dark. That's one of the flaws for it being a small and compact camera. So yeah. The other being auto focus,the device lacks the ability of auto focus unfortunately. So if you are looking to make a professional video and/or sketches(short story) video,this is not really the camera. It's more suitable for vlogging,or capturing random videos whilst in school or whatever.

It fits into your pockets just nicely,really nicely. Yes,there's another camera that I think can be an alternative for normal vlogging,videoing,etc; Flip ultra HD. Seeing a lot videos of comparisons and video reviews, maybe majority prefers the Flip ultra HD ,mainly because probably the quality is kick ass for 720p and it being small. However,it is slightly bigger but still,fits in your pocket.

The battery in the flip mino HD is ion rechargeable battery and you charge it via usb. I dunno if you can use the usb adaptor to charge it,because the last time I tried it,it said low voltage usb..blabla. Which meant that the adapter didn't had enough juice to charge the thing. So yeah,it might be inconvenient for you especially when the battery is near dead.

However on the other hand,the ultra HD uses AA batteries,which comes in with the box and rechargeable. Also you can use other AA batteries when the battery dies. So yeah,it's somewhat convenient isn't it?

This is the back of the device. It's touch sensitive which is quite responsive,in my opinion. User-friendly UI (user interface),real easy to use. You just need intuition that's all :P. Oh btw,the red button is to record.

Hmm,if you wanna use this camera for sharing sites like YouTube, the frame rate of the videos will be reduced to 30fps because I think that's the limit. So yeah,maybe it is for other sites? I haven't tried it. Don't be deceived by what you see when you record it in the camcorder!

Well,you can watch it on your HDTV,but I don't think there's many people that do it?

So having said that,which do you prefer? oh wait,there's so many pocket camcorders in the market..grr.

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