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iPod Touch 4 review?
Wednesday, January 5, 2011 8:59 AM

Okay,I know it's fairly early that I am going to be reviewing this thing. HOWEVER,it's like the previous generations of iPod touch,just upgraded specs. Yes. Speaking about specs,if you are really that person into performance and the looks,I think that this device is for you. The difference is that,the 4th gen ipod touch has cameras(front and rear) and facetime app. Oh it also takes 720p HD recording. I think you have -to turn it,to get the 16:9 ratio. so you won't have the 3:2 aspect ratio when you upload directly to youtube? that's my guess I think,if I am wrong don't quote on me for that and inform me at the tagboard? :S

When I initially went to Twitter for iPhone app,I realized the vast difference of the speed between my previous iPod and this one. The loading time is really fast. Yes,all due to the A4 chip. What else..and oh did I mention that the retina display is super awesome? It's unbelievable! I can't discern the pixels.

Not really much of a difference maybe in the first 2 picture; it's subtle. However the 3rd picture is somewhat obvious. Yeah.

Other than that,I presume that you know all there is to iPod touch so I won't go in detail.
Oh wait,the camera has no auto focus lens unfortunately. And oh,the speaker from the 4th gen ipod touch is freaking loud than the 3rd gen. Really loud.

All in all,I think that if you wanna upgrade your ipod touch to this,I'd recommend it only if you really have a use for it. However,I don't really recommend 8gb(328 S$) if you're a major vain..girl/boy. 32(428 S$)/64gb(588$ i think) is good to fit all your face in it. However if you are constantly changing apps and such,I think you should go for the 8gb model. General purposes;Ain't bad for an MP3 player,also you can play games with it.

The whole device is thinner and lighter,yeah as how every apple product progresses.
Not a bad alternative for an iPhone,you just need wifi and you can do all the stuffs that iPhone can do,except calling obviously. :S

I think I should keep this review short? ._.
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P/S -Flip mino HD review soon!