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Shogun album review
Tuesday, January 4, 2011 4:10 AM
Okay if you're not a fan of heavy metal music,you might wanna step aside for this. Haha.
Anyway,This album is from Trivium,yes a heavy metal band. I thought that I should make an opinion about this album that they made. Don't worry,I'll try to make it short and sweet.

And this is not in order though!

1. Down from the sky.

It's the first single of the album during that time;August,2008 I think.
Frankly speaking,when I heard this song for the first time, I jizzed figuratively. Yes,the verse riff albeit being simple power chords,I find that it's quite tight and mixed well with the drums. The pre-chorus riff whereby Matt screams "The vampires,feed off the wars of mankind" ,One of the most catchiest guitar riff I hear,until this date, 4/1/2011 ,still makes me bang my head. The breakdown riff ;"elephant riff" was really heavy ass metal. The solo was awesome. That's all I could say.

2. Throes of perdition.

Another fucking awesome song written by them. Yes,fucking awesome. The lyrics has a great impact on me and reminded me how the world used to look down at me and my family when my mom had a mental illness; "this world looks down upon a man who can stand on his own two feet" and "life feels like hell should,but this hell so cold,pull another knife out" . The riff,melodically(?) awesome. Really love to sing with it,really love it. The breakdown,heavy. One of the heaviest I have heard. The solo is tasty,with Matt and Corey's liquid solos. Awesome.
And oh,I played this song on my iTunes a whooping 826 times since I had this song on my iTunes. This is really the song I can connect to,thanks Matt heafy, for the awesome and meaningful song.

3. Insurrection

Amazing intro. Starts off with a blazing fast riff. I've had attempts with playing the song on my guitar. I failed. The song is really fast,not to mention that the verse riff is all down picked. Lyrically, another one that really has an impact on me. "I will bring my insurrection and a war upon heaven. Hellfire be my destruction, for this war upon heaven" ,I love that phrase. I love that verse. *orgasm in the ear* !@!@. The solo is really suiting,with all the notes perfectly arranged,traditional trivium style solo. Fast and ridiculously eargasmic(?)

4. Kirisute Gomen.
This song caught my eye because firstly,it has something to do with Japan(haha). Aside from that, I think another heavy ass riff song. Really up to the pace of your heart? As in the drums are somewhat sync with your heartbeat. You know that you wanna slow down but at the same time you wanna maintain. The solo is another tasty solo,with the wah pedal. Omfg,you are going ballistic.

5. Shogun.
Yes the song called shogun. I think,from my perspective and basing off the lyrics is reminiscing from a shogun's point of view whilst fighting a war? Haha,don't quote on me for anything. That's how I think. The phrase that Matt sings " Time will not heal,all of your pain. I cannot wait,for it all to come crashing" with the chord progression; It's really moving. Also,"Death's embracing,all is ending", I love the way he puts death in a figurative speech. The acoustic part was calming and soothing,with the clean pentatonic scale solo. Awesome blueish feel. Then after that,the song picks up it's pace and the real deal solo starts, it makes my mind go crazy but with admiration.

6. Into the mouth of hell we march.
Well,this song was not really that much appealing to me but I still hear it occasionally. However in general, I love the riff as I loved all the songs on the album. However there's is one phrase in the song that I have a..i dunno love for it? and also the riffs that stack on top of the words. "We crawl out from the wreckage ,Fingers dig into the sands (of the shores) ,Everything we worked for ,Is ripped apart and ruined, drowned ,Deep beneath our dying world ,he earth begins to open up". Yup,as usual amazing and exhilarating solo!

7. He who spawned the furies.
The riff was somewhat.. twisted and wicked? Along with the lyrics. However,if you look at this,the lyrics was based off Kronus(sp?) ingesting his children, if I could remember it correctly. Yes,greek mythology. The breakdown was ass heavy. Matt's scream was really ownage and the solo fit the song perfectly,with its wicked sounding.

8. Like callisto to A Star in Heaven
This song has some catchy riff. The verse riff is really amazing if you are looking at a guitarists' perspective. Excessive Downpicking; hand ache;Girls you should know how your arms ache when you masturbate his weener for a long time and still doesn't come. lol. Anyway, it has simple yet,kick ass breakdown. Lyrically,this is about Callisto who's a nymph,who vowed to be a virgin all her life I think. However,being impregnated by Zues. How horny is Zues anyway? He has like.. hundreds of wives. Then Callisto's band of nymph's exiled Callisto from their group/etc. Obviously Callisto gave birth to a son,which turned out to be a bear or something,I think? I don't really know how the story progresses afterwards. And oh,I think zues ran away right after impregnating Callisto.

9. Of prometheus and The crucifix
This song is yet another Greek mythology inspired song. Before I go into the story, I shall talk about the song. The riffs keeps your heady going up and down,especially in the verses. The breakdown is another fine and amazing riff. The breakdown lyrics are like how the lyrics of Throes of perdition has an impact on me. "Chain me down, nail me up ,It feels so cold on my skin ,Flesh cut deep from their claws
,Chew my organs out ,Salivating with hate ,Crown of thorns, deathly boards; won't ,Make me cease to be
You've turned this scapegoat into ,The lion that will devour you whole". The story is about Prometheus, stealing fire from olympus(I dunno?), and then Zues found out and sentenced his in confinement/Torture. Everyday A vulture(I think) would come and chew his organ and hence he will die,form bleeding,pain,etc. Only to find that he is revived the following day. Ow. Experience death umpteenth time, Zues is.. mental.

10. The calamity
This song,you know the words. Haha, The calamity is pretty sweet. The tones are really chunky yet precise;you can hear all the notes that they play. I dunno but,the lyrics seems to be about sephiroth? in FF7. That's amazing if it really was. xD. The solo is a candy to all those heavy metal geeks' ears.

Overview; Really love it. Sweet and simple. (: