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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011 12:26 AM

Alrighty,now for the 2nd blog post of the day!! -.-
I really have nothing to do at home,oh wait..I do! I'll go study hiragana later on.
Hmm, Trivium's throes of perdition,as I've mentioned a few post back..the one about the album review(which was 3rd rate,but meh),I can't stop listening to it for 3 fucking years. God,that's long.

Anyway,I really love this song. It kinda depicts about the time of ancient civilizations of men? Because it has the words cro-magnon,hence the aforementioned interpretation.
Not only that,it also depicts.. the hardships of men. Which I am able to relate to.

The verse " Vultures circle above,hyenas mocking the kill,excrement drooling down their chins. Atop the cliff I look down into the starving hell mouth,the rabid foam crashes hard on its teeth,their mouth salivate,fantasizing my gruesome ending. This world looks down upon a man who can stand on his own 2 feet".
The way I see it;paraphrasing it.. is that..let's just say I am the guy.. hyenas and vultures are just some arrogant/selfish/whatever you want to put it here,people,they just killed someone inside and they want more. Thus,they just wanna see my death,my end etc. Yeah, those bastards who made me had a hard childhood and till now,who tries and tries to kill me inside!

Life feels like hell should,this hell's so cold,pull another knife out. Stick it with the rest of them,when my back is full. Turn me around to face it

This.. I feel that,whatever psychological damage they've done to me,they should do it to themselves? Like,everyone should knows how it feels like. Yeah,absolute.

Ahh,Okay,back to the live performance,freaking awesome. Alas,Trivium is not really demanded here in Singapore. Fuck it. I'd love how to see everyone fucking explode to Throes of perdition.
Other than that,there's so many pressing matters that I have to deal with. Forms,forms and forms. The terms they use in the form are freaking.. what the hell? It just makes you go literally what the hell,I swear. I mean come on.. what's guarantor? Sheesh ,oh wait.. isn't that.. someone who guarantees or something?

Ahh. My old man's getting me a MacBook Pro for school. I was excited,then I realized it had to replace with my overdued O level accolade; Sony a33 DSLT.
Motherfucker,really motherfucker. Ahh,Money money money;can branch out to some other random shit like.. relationships and stuffs. It's funny how I didn't try to conserve when I had a huge amount of money a few years back. They're so easy to spend and hard to earn. Tsk.
Frankly,I wanna save up for the future stuffs,like marriage,or just some allowance for mom,sis,step mom and even to my future girlfriend(lawl)!

It has always been in the back of my mind,but never got to act it out because I keep spending.-.-
Aiya.. this thing called money. Just when you thought money isn't enough in a relationship. Tsk.
I shall stop ranting. And uh.. またね! Time to study hiragana.

Oh did I mention that Fadzil bought the special Shogun album thing? We're gonna watch the making of Shogun album at Martin's house,tomorrow. Fuck yeah,it's something that I wanted to watch for the past 3 years since it came out