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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011 10:34 PM

Yesterday,I just got off from a conversation on MSN with my good ol' friend : Fahmy. He's a good friend of mine since 13. Heh, so anyway. He helped me quite a lot,emotionally and such. Since that break up,which I'm thankful for cause I have many others(!) that helped me too. I kept ranting and ranting about the shit that I felt then I realized I forgot about his status with.. you know. I mean come on,you don't know? Anyway,I hope he doesn't mind me using him as an example!

So anyway,he said that he kinda felt like.. he wants to give up on his girl. I obviously,being a good friend (:P),tried to stop him. Yeah, it wasn't easy because he didn't know how it feels like to be apart from the girl that you love. So I tried to make him look at different perspective,which I though was tad bit futile;the only way he had to learn was by the hard way.

But then I remembered,I kept listening to kelly clarkson's Breakaway and felt that insecurity of letting go,when I read the lyrics while listening to the song. So I tried incorporating that thinking and gave him a scenario. The scenario being : if you were able to play BMX around the world but have to give her up,what will you feel? He said he too was,a little bit scared.

So I told him this,you're depending on her. No matter what you did, you're still depending on her. No matter what you do,you had her in the back of your mind. Then came all the "I realized I was selfish" and all that cliche stuffs. It's nice to know that people realized that they have done something wrong,it really is. So anyway, I told him that the difference between you and me is that,you can still depend on her.. while I can't already;So don't lose that girl,motherfucker!

Okay I admit,that motherfucker was made up. Haha.

I can say all those "you should cherish..blablabla" bullshit,but what impact does it make anyway? All I want to say is this,taking things for granted is like..I dunno,AIDS?(yes,paraphrasing of course) It's a progressive thing rather than some one time thing. You won't know until she's / he's gone.
And to be frank,it's kinda sad to see all that you have wrought with her, is gonna be destroyed by some other guy eventually; given that you truly love that person.

I dunno if it makes sense,or gave you a kick. heh. But it's worth a try right,if anyone is somewhat having this "I hate my gf" bullshit. Yes bullshit,cause you know you'd die without her. heh.

Then they say it's give and take,yeah it's true. When you want them to love you more,how bout giving that "I'll love you more" back too? This theory is proven when I asked Fadzil to come along with me to put the sandwich at her doorstep on Valentine's day. I don't know why I'm laughing while I'm typing this but, I said I'd treat him lunch if he followed! Then it worked out,he followed me! hahaha. xD.So yeah,it works that way,anybody who is reading this. They want/somehow want /in their subconscious want,to know what's in it for them if they're putting their love on the line for ya.

Any guy reading this; take it easy,don't be a douchebag thinking you're strong without her,while you're still together. 'Cause she's the reason why you're strong,motherfugga.

I guess that's my mistake too,and I.. sometimes despise myself to the point of being insane for letting it get too far.

K,time for me to stop being wise and just play the guitar and study japanese. I hope it isn't too cheesy. じゃあまたね。

P/s Fucking long post. ;P