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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011 12:47 AM
"kyongne" (:
Snow skiing! :D ( me in the foreground wearing blue)
High school training,they have gargantuan stamina.
The chick's hotter 'cause she knows how to do acrobatics

Yeah,I took the pictures off my teacher's FaceBook. Flame me for taking,zomg.
Nah,why should you? Anyway,2nd post of the day 26/2/11.
Why am I doing this,I'm bored. At home. Currently revising hiragana and waiting for the vlog to export finish.

So,let's elaborate via the pictures above!
Hmm,the 1st picture and 4th picture was on the first day of Korea.
I remembered when we first stepped in the airport. It was rushed,we had to eat breakfast ASAP. However we had time to spare so we went outside and it was cold. So apparently we could "smoke". Tong khee paraphrases it as "tarik",good times.

Then we had 2 trainings( the pictures were in the 2nd training),and we changed into our gi pants for the first time and we literally chilled to death when were changing our to full uniform. Then that training in that place in the 2nd training,was enervating. We trained like crazy,but they were encouraging,really encouraging. No breaks at all. But it's all good after that,we had pocari sweat to recharge and not to mention bibimpap. We left like 4+ and they still had 4 more hours more to go,and the coach describe it as warm up. Wow.Fucking.Hell.

The 5th and 6th was during the 2nd day. Ktigers,yes Ktigers we met them, motherfuckers. hahah. K it's only their secondary team,which was already better than us. I remembered that their training place was situated at some building. The lift; we had to cramp in together. lol. Then when we reached the 7th floor I think? The first thing we saw was,heaps of trophy. I admit,I was intimidated. Anybody that watches Ktigers video on youtube will be intimidated initially,really.The trophies they earned were holy crap.

The training was sort of like an ice breaker game thing. But they were nice,really nice. I forgot to say thanks to my partner though. Which I am regretful of :/!

The 2nd and 3rd is during the 3rd day. We went skiing,but we didn't ski. We threw snowballs,at..lol. Never mind. It was the first time everyone sweat when the weather was freaking cold,ironic huh?Then we went to Everland. Went to loads of rides. Bought that strap,which I doubt you use it anymore.heh..

All in all,I think that trip had a big impact on at least on me. Both good and bad.
Hmm,people over there are really approachable. I know I sound like I'm putting in a good light only,but hey inevitably it has it's downside as well. However overall I think that the place is great.

It's sad though I didn't spend all the time/fun with you! I had to hold back because you weren't here. Gah.