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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Only you.
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 7:27 PM

Are you seeing this?Give this song a listen!
Let's look at the singer's perspective..hmm..does it even makes sense?
Maybe this year was phail. However if it weren't for you,I wouldn't have experience all those.. happy stuffs with you,the time when.. we first started texting, the time when you asked me whether I want a kiss from you and then you first kissed me in front of that.. building door where Kinokuniya is(I forgot the building's name!),when we went to East coast park and spent our time there,the time when I picked you up from school to go home together,webcam chats on MSN which was hindered when I got a MAC D: ! Many others,hugs,kisses,everything. So I thank you for that (: . The hate that I feel and built up a few months back, is slowly diminishing.

And believe me,it's damn precious. So I'll say this,I won't forget you,so don't blame yourself. You and I,we both have our faults,so yeah,don't bear the whole world on your shoulders,please.

You'll always be my valentine,the next year,maybe the year after that,maybe the year after. It doesn't matter how long,not forgetting 310811 that we will probably won't be together? I'll just keep it burning.,and yeah.. I ain't talking about fantasies,just what my heart is feeling.

I'll just keep wishing,keep wishing that one day,you will reciprocate my love.
I'll just keep thinking of you..
So till then,you can ignore me all you want but you keep it burning,okay? yes? no? I dunno!
Maybe I'm an idiot,stupid,but I don't care. Anything for you.
Slowly but surely,I'll smile whenever I think of you.