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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Too joke liao.
Thursday, March 17, 2011 7:33 AM

Introduced by Fadzil! Heh.
So today,was basically nothing as always. Oh yeah,I polished up the recording of throes of perdition. It's way better compared to last time.

Hmm..I'm gonna talk about you I guess.. Ahh,the same thing's gonna happen the second time right? You say you'd chose me then bla bla bla, saying sorry and blabla, but ends up with the same answer and questions. Why are you with him if you've said you're gonna choose me?
Many people are also questioning that. lol.

Yet again, I get back the same answer;I dunno,which then leads to a stagnant situation which one cannot say anything to avoid being desperate and then if one gets desperate the other party gets to step over the fucker's head. -.-

I dunno if it's gonna be worth it, but all I know is that I'm trying to move on with life with or without you. Don't give me uncertain answers :D!

Hmm.. all I can say is,I'm trying to understand your situation and shit like that. Early bird catches the worm,my dear. I won't be staying for long,if you're not preaching what you said,I'm not saying we should rush into anything.But if he's still in the equation,then I'd get out.

Who said it was easy to put back all these pieces?
Who said it was so easy to put back all these pieces?
Don't forget,there wasn't any progression of recovery despite the fact that we came clean.
The pieces are still broken, kkthxbai O:!

oh btw,it's kind of a joke that he doesn't know anything.