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IT Show!!
Friday, March 11, 2011 1:36 AM

So me,my dad and my step-mom went to the IT show to get my laptop for school.
Went there and saw heaps of people,I guess that's how it is every year eh? Haha.
We went to the NuBox and I instantly got a boner (kidding).However,there were loads of hot chinese chicks I'm telling you,wearing the "Team Nubox" t-shirt. Ain't so bad.

So my dad asked around and there was a girl who tended to us. She was kind of timid,and my dad was super fierce(?), so I had to be in the middle and kind of help out when my dad asked questions some times. However the girl was nice,really nice. I'm telling you they have good deals if you wanna upgrade your comp,in addition there's so many accessories for the machine (Covers,etc).

Also,my dad bought a MacBook Air that my step-mom's been asking. My dad had this "ah,ok la" expression;reluctance. It's funny,if you think from a third person's point of view whereby the husband has to spend and his wife keeps asking for this and that and whatnots.

So we paid and all that,I queued for a while to install the RAM in my laptop.
Then My dad came in,fuck yes. Why fuck yes? I had a chat with an awesome girl who was at the side of the booth helping to sell the Laptop cases. She was super nice. I forgot to ask her name but she was like me, went to secondary 5 and now waiting for Poly. So anyone in Nanyang poly, interior design course,treat her nicely, she's a really nice person to talk with! It's a pity that I didn't ask her number though. Ah well,if it is meant to be then it's meant to be. It was really nice to socialize. Fuck ): .

Oh yeah,I realized my chances of saying "fuck"/"fucking" as an adjective/adverb(?) really is close to zilch, now that's a random fact eh? :D

So we eventually left,and yeah,goodbyes are sad(!), I mean come on, chicks in Singapore are really not that approachable,it's gonna be hard to find girls like her again though ): . Had dinner then went to Starbucks,to drink coffee. Then went to My dad's friend house,which we hung out for a while. Then made it back home around 10.30.