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Japan earthquake
Wednesday, March 16, 2011 5:22 AM

So as you all know,the earthquake that hit in Fukushima,Japan was quite drastic.
And it's been from bad to worse,I felt that I had to rant after watching the news about the situation down there. Sigh. I dunno why,it hit me real hard,really hard.
I..just don't know what to say. From what I've seen from Philip.D's video on youtube( Search sxephil) ,the situation is really bad. Just when you thought tsunami and earthquake was enough. Now there's nuclear explosions.

Then,I keep seeing people in the comments section making jokes out of it. Which is ridiculous and heartless. Fuck,I mean what has it got to do with payback for the Pearl harbor attack?
The place is already..dilapidated as it is, but people have to make jokes out of it. Sigh. This is really depressing.

I wish I could donate,but I don't really have any money. But I guess I could raise awareness. So yeah anyone reading this,please help to spread the message and stuffs like that!