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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Kinect is Awesome!
Sunday, March 13, 2011 9:52 PM

Yesterday,me and a bunch of classmates went to our former homeroom teacher(dunno if it's another word for form teacher?). We basically just hung out,talked and talked. Then we played Kinect. Initially everyone was kind of embarrassed to play,but Fahmy and Andi I think,started the ball rolling. Heh,I decided to try out the kinect,it was pretty fun. But I didn't bring my flip camera to vlog which they and me were really bumped out about! Sorry ):

Aizat was funny. Haha. The Javelin throw was funny,he didn't run but just threw the javelin immediately. Then there's an awesomely delicious lasagna made by Ashraf's,the Indian in one of the picture's above,mom.

I don't really know why my face was serious especially when we were playing boxing.
Hahah. It was shit loads of fun though. One thing I realized from what everyone said,I've grown bigger ( like finally), but when I looked at my face in the pictures,it is really fat.
Like..ugh..amotherfuckingpig,never mind. I have to jog moar, -.-.

Hung with Ameline,Herina,Sutri,Fahmy,Khairul,Faith,Tong Khee,Andi and Hasheer. Just ate out at MacDiddies(fuck!) and then out at the Open Plaza looking at the stars while discussing some stuffs with Fahmy. Then Andi,me,Tong Khee,Khairul and Fahmy hung out at some seat at a void deck and they helped me out a lot,whether it was suggestions,taking care of me like when was the last bus arriving, everything. I zhank you for zat(lol,french accent!).