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While in the car..
Saturday, March 12, 2011 9:34 AM

I still remember this song way back when I was a kid(Around 7,8,9? ) . That was the time when my mom was somewhat incapable of doing house chores and can't cook,etc. So we had to go eat out at my grandma's place every single night. So while we were in the dark red hyundai Matrix car,my dad would on something that was quite foreign to me, which later I known was reggae. I think that this was one of the songs that really moved me. I dunno why,maybe it was my current situation at that time. Because I really loved the melody of the song, I think it's probably in minor? haha

Anyway the reasons why I cried because I was kind of broken apart inside,up till now even I cry sometimes upon hearing this song! And upon hearing the part where Bob Marley sang "No women No Cry,Everything's gonna be alright". Heh, I guess Bob Marley really touched me in a way,the guitar solo,lyrics,the way he sings it. This song to me is like.. when Bob Marley reminisce about his past,all the good people he met and stuffs like that and of course women too . Haha.

I'd like anyone who reads this post to give this song a listen,it's a sentimental song that I love since I was a kid. (:

And for you ; " Everything's gonna be alright", <3.