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Your beauty.
Thursday, March 24, 2011 5:05 AM
What's up with me? Hmm, I've been watching japanese drama cause I'm bored. Also while doing that,I came across a very nice art that I think defines Japan? I don't know how you say it but it's like,when you see a piece of art you'd get this feeling that this is like..from medieval europe or ancient chinese arts.

So anyway, the name of the artist is Kitagawa Utamaro. And also, his art: The Ascending Dragon, is Matt Heafy's tattoo on his right forearm,which is fucking cool!

Okay let me get back to what I wanted to say. So I saw one his masterpiece called The Lovers. I think it's an art that I really appreciate despite it being.. inappropriate. It reminds me of the times when we were passionate about each other's love and just wanted us to know that we loved each other like hell. Does it sounds wrong? haha, think of it as something beautiful and waiting for to be appreciated or something! K,I think I failed. -.- ,but you get the point right?

Then I was browsing through FaceBook, and I was blown away by this picture that Sutri drew.

Credits sutrie! I hope you're not mad about me copying and save!

I think this is really exquisite. It just exhibits/projects the image in my head that probably might be vague if I ever draw it out. It's not like I have any obsessions with her in that kind of clothing or anything. But rather it's.. surreal-ly(Adverb-ifying,haha) beautiful. Sutri just hit the nail in the head for drawing it out in real life, what was a projected in my mind. I'd like to thank her for drawing this; This is the exact angle,facial expression,appearance that I have on my mind about Mel,leh sutri!

Heh,every time it's like this every time I close my eyes. . Then there was this song that I heard in Wang Lee Hom's Kiss goodbye ( Old song, but I like!) some parts that I especially like;

Perhaps the phrase here is a summation of everything I said above
- Give me one minute to appreciate your beauty..

What will you feel if I was ever out of your life, I wonder.