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Hi I'm Rid and hi. I do random vlogs, do check them out.

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Back from Genting.
Friday, April 1, 2011 7:01 AM

Okay,so I just got back from a short vacation at Malaysia. Yes,it was my first time with friends. I'd say it was quite fun even though we had nothing much to do at there,their presence was enough to make the whole trip fun!

I didn't film as much as I took pictures,here it is anyway. I hate the limitations of auto-focus in digital cameras! ): ,I wanna get my Sony a33 DSLT asap...

So I'd guess I had a taste of what touring is like for bands and all,I think. But I'd like to go a far away country next time when all the fee for accommodation and shit like that can be settled!
There's much to be seen,many things to do,pictures to be taken and many others. I'd like to experience different cultures as well!

Damn,maybe traveling might be a thing for me,haha just saying. I'd like to thank Dion and Wm though for helping me to keep shut my mouth about my rants about her. I think that I found a reason why there isn't any need to talk about her to you guys;basically there's no point if I talked about her to you guys. Oh yeah,Fadzil too for saying "stop it about her already,seriously",heh. But inevitably you'll be on my mind, but I'll just have to move along.

Hmm,I'm currently editing the vlog,I swear I get lazy to easily. Tsk =.=. Then yesterday mah parents got back from Philippines and my step mom bought a tartan top which was nice!
So thanks you step mom. Oh yeah,did I mention me and Dion went to collect our testimonial today too? hahahaha, I think there's loads of bullcraps in there but what the hell! :S